Marcel van Herpen

  • Co-founder NIVOZ; Dutch institute for education and upbringing
  • Co-founder of the first school for Experiential Education in Holland
  • Founder Centre for Experiential Education the Netherlands
  • Founder Centre for Sustainable Upbringing and Development
  • Co-founder of the foundation of Experiential education St. Maarten (Caribbean)
  • Co-founder Centre for Pedagogic Contact
  • Author of the standard publications ‘Me, the teacher’, ‘Sustainable Educating and Development’ and ‘Experiential Education’
  • Author from a lot of columns and articles Available on this website (PDF) Founder of the journal ‘Egoscoop’
  • Guided in more than 20 countries educational projects
  • International keynote speaker about a lot of education subjects: ‘Developments in the educational world’, ‘Wellbeing and Involvement, the criteria for successful development’, ‘Life lessons and solidarity’, etc. in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Suriname, Japan, St. Maarten, Curacao, India and conferences for Africa and South and Central America


In the Netherlands, more than 100,000 teachers listened to the Marcel’s keynotes on “Pedagogical tact and leadership” and “Sustainable Educating and Development”. Marcel has given lectures all over the world about many educational subjects such as: “Developments in the Educational World”, “Wellbeing and Involvement, the Criteria for Successful Development”, “Life Lessons and Solidarity”.

Marcel van Herpen, along with Professor Stevens, in Driebergen, is one of the founders of ‘NIVOZ’ (Dutch institute for education and upbringing). NIVOZ explores, develops and legitimizes the new educational practice. Marcel is responsible for the development of the courses ‘pedagogical tact’ and ‘pedagogical leadership.

“Disconnection is the problem. Connectedness is the answer!”