In the Netherlands, more than 200,000 teachers listened to the Marcel’s keynotes on “Pedagogical tact and leadership” and “Sustainable Educating and Development”. Marcel has given lectures all over the world about many educational subjects such as: “Developments in the Educational World”, “Wellbeing and Involvement, the Criteria for Successful Development”, “Life Lessons and Solidarity”.

Marcel van Herpen, along with Professor Stevens, in Driebergen, is one of the founders of ‘NIVOZ’ (Dutch institute for education and upbringing). NIVOZ explores, develops and legitimizes the new educational practice. Marcel is responsible for the development of the courses ‘pedagogical tact’ and ‘pedagogical leadership. In 1990, he started the first school for Experiential Education in the Netherlands. In 1995, he started the foundation for Experiential Education St. Maarten (Caribbean) where he trained schools and developed a model for education and police (prevention delinquent behavior) in the Caribbean.

After his experiences in more than 20 countries with all kind of children programmes, he was fascinated by the question what children need to develop optimally. He was the founder of the Centre for Sustainable Educating and Development.

Marcel is teacher trainer, coach and guide for routes of innovation for education, government and business communities. Marcel is the author of the standard publication ‘Sustainable Educating and Development’ and ‘Experiential Education’ and also the author of many columns and articles. He is also Head Coach at the “Ruud van Nistelrooy academy”.

Marcel: “Children all over the world are driven by their psychological needs: relationship, autonomy and competence. They all want to show who they are and what they are capable of. Connectedness is the condition. Many children are not satisfied in their basic needs. School systems are allowed, and even designed to exclude children. They judge, punish and remove. The basic task for pedagogical workers is to connect. Connect children with themselves, with others and with the environment. That’s the way we understand the group and the individuals. That’s how we empower children.

Therefore, we need teachers and coaches who can engage with their students and do the right thing at the right moment. We need another kind of leadership – leaders with courage.”

“Disconnection is the problem. Connectedness is the answer!”

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